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Wellness & Self-Care Guide

This Guide will direct visitors to resources for assignments, to promote well-being and that may help reduce anxiety during stressful times.

Wellness & Self-Care Guide

The Wellness & Self-Care Guide is a basic tool to assist students, researchers, faculty, & general interest readers in exploring the diversity of resources available through the Learning Library and connecting to various campus supports.

The Guide has been designed with a view toward an Indigenous Wellness approach highlighting materials from a holistic, balanced Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Mental perspective. While the Medicine Wheel represents the circles of life, self-awareness, and knowledge, it is important to note that different Indigenous communities and individuals hold varied Medicine Wheel teachings.

Each of the four sections in this Guide will be divided into fiction, non-fiction, Young Adult (YA), and children's books from the Learning Library's collections, but are simply a gateway into your interests. Many books may fall into several categories but to allow space for more items, duplication will be avoided whenever possible. This acknowledges the interconnectedness of all aspects of life.

There are numerous ways to explore wellness based on your own needs and interests, but this Guide aims to provide a starting point for exploring this vast subject within the Library's collection.