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Media Literacy Guide

This Guide will support Media Literacy education with the intention to promote awareness of media influence and take an active stance towards both consuming and creating media.

Learning Library YouTube Channel Link

Evaluating Websites

Source: Learning Library Youtube Channel

This video reviewing evaluating websites was created by the Staff at the Learning Library serving Nipissing University and Canadore College.

Online Videos

What is Media Literacy?

Source: Media Literacy Now, Youtube 

Intended as a tool for advocates, the video introduces the concept of media literacy as a key that unlocks meaning behind the messages that we see, and allows us to be more thoughtful and deliberate as we create our own messages – such as those we create and share on social media.

House Hippo 2.0

Source: MediaSmarts, Youtube

The hippos are back to remind us that in today's digital world, critical thinking is more important than ever. Visit for resources to help you learn how to figure out what's real and what's fake in the stories you experience online.

We're Thinking About Facebook Wrong

Source: Vlogbrothers, Youtube 

Vlogbrothers is a video blog channel on YouTube. The Internet-based show is created and hosted by the Green brothers: John Green and Hank Green.