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Research Data Management (RDM) - Nipissing University

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License 

This Research Data Management (RDM) - Nipissing University guide created by Rebecca Kasperavicius and Nipissing University's Office of Graduate Studies & Research is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

RDM Resources

There are many free resources available to help you better understand research data management principles and how they apply to your research. The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (DRAC) offers a comprehensive range of training materials, from one-pagers to webinars. The list below is only a small sample of the resources available, from DRAC and other institutions.

General Guides to RDM

Good Enough Research Data Management - A Very Brief Guide (UBC)

How to Manage Your Data

UBC Library RDM DataGuide

Carleton’s RDM Webinar Series

Creating DMPs

DMP Assistant

Brief Guide – Create an Effective Data Management Plan

Primer – Data Management Plan

DMP Exemplars and Templates from DRAC

Introduction to DMP Assistant (video)

Managing DMPs with DMP Assistant (video)

Support Your Research with Data Management Planning (webinar)

Depositing Data

DRAC Webinar: Data Deposit Q&As

Dataverse for Data Sharing: An Introduction (video)

Metadata Best Practices Guide (Dataverse North)

Digital Curation Centre's metadata guidelines by discipline