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How Do I Write a Research Paper?

Some helpful books, links, and other advice when it comes to writing a research paper.

Evaluating Your Information

Evaluating the information you've found is an important step in producing a good research paper. No matter where your information comes from, you should look at it critically and consider the following:

  • Is the author qualified to write on the topic?
  • Is the information scholarly?
  • Is it current?
  • Is the information accurate?  Has it been edited by other experts?  Has the author provided references?
  • Is the information objective or is there an obvious bias? 
  • Is the information relevant to your topic?
  • Do you have enough information to cover all aspects of your topic?

Evaluating Websites

If your assignment allows web sources and you decide to use information from a website, you may want to view this video created to help you evaluate the credibility of the source information.