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First Year / New to the Library

Find Books by Kathryn McCaskill

Brief Instructions on How To Find Books

For a more in-depth tutorial on how to search for books please view the slide presentation located on this page

Canadore Library Search bar with the word tteokbokki typed out and an arrow pointing to the search button

  • Hit the Search button
  • This will take you to the Nipissing Search or Canadore Search page where your search results will be listed
    • The results will include all types of resources such as articles, videos, reports etc. not just books

search results for the word tteokbokki in the search results

  • To narrow down the results to just books use the available filters. Under the RESOURCE TYPE heading select the box for Books & eBooks and select APPLY
    • Everything listed in your results will now be a book or ebook

filter options with books and ebooks highlighted

  • Scroll through the results to find an appropriate book.
    • If it is an ebook it will say AVAILABLE ONLINE
    • If it is a physical book it will say AVAILABLE and list the name of the library, which floor it is located on and provide you with a call number. 
      • The call number is the book's address in the library. Staff can help you locate the book with this number


When using Nipissing Search the results you see include materials available to you through our partner universities in Ontario.

You are able to request these items directly through Nipissing Search. If another university has it available they will ship it for free to the Harris Learning Library (or any of our partner universities) to be picked up by you. Learn more about this process on our How to Request Items From Another Library guide

  • To limit the results to items available immediately to Nipissing students use the filter AVAILABLE IN NIPISSING/CANADORE LIBRARY under the AVAILABILITY heading.