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First Year / New to the Library

A short list of words you will commonly hear in the library


Abstract: A brief summary of a journal article located at the beginning of the paper, basically a description of what the article discusses.
Automated Fulfillment Network (AFN): Available to NIPISSING students, staff and faculty only. Allows people to request items from other universities directly through NIPISSING SEARCH. Please see our Request Items From Other Institutions guide for more information on the AFN or for information on how CANADORE students can request items.
Call Number: Used for locating items. Think of it like the item's address within the building. Made up of a series of letters and numbers.
Case Study: A complex, multifaceted in-depth study of a real world individual, event, organization or group. Case studies allow a topic to be researched in more detail than if a larger number of participants/events were being used.
Catalog: Also referred to as NIPISSING SEARCH or CANADORE SEARCH. A search engine specific to each school. It should be the first place you go to to find books, articles, videos, board games etc.
Check Out/Sign Out: Refers to borrowing an item from the library. For more information on borrowing items see our Borrowing guide
Citation: How you tell readers where the information you used came from. Allows others to more easily find the location of the information source. Please see our How Do I Cite Sources guide for more information
Database: Organized collections of materials (usually books and journals) that can be searched to locate items. Allows more specific searching than NIPISSING SEARCH or CANADORE SEARCH. Most often used when doing research in upper year (3rd or 4th year) courses. Visit the Library's A-Z database list.  
Journals/Periodicals: Physical or Digital item published on a schedule (ex. monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.) containing academic articles written by experts
Renew: if you need an item longer you may renew the item which means you extend the due date to a later time. You can renew items online through your library account or by calling, emailing or stopping by the Service Desk
Reserves: High demand books, anatomical models, phone and laptop chargers, markers and other supplies. Kept behind the front desk, can only be signed out for 3 hrs. (in some cases 2 days), and cannot leave the library building
Resource Sharing: A system that allows students, staff and faculty to request material from other libraries. To learn more about resource sharing please see our Resource Sharing Guide
Scholarly Articles/Journal Articles: Written by researchers/experts in a field to share the results of their original research or analysis. Generally published in scholarly journals
Service Desk/Front Desk: Located on the 1st floor immediately past the front doors. This is where you go to sign out or return items, and to get assistance with research, printing/photocopying/scanning, and for any other questions you may have about the library or university/college
Stacks: The shelves on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the library where the majority of the books, dvds, and kits are located